Test Your Knowledge of Video Game Hardware Codenames

By: Chris Hodges, editor-in-chief

Sometimes a company knows a piece of hardware’s final name pretty early in development–the name “Play Station” can be traced back as early as 1991, when the console was still in development as a Super NES CD-ROM add-on. Often, though, video game hardware is developed under a codename for much of its pre-release life, with a final name not being unveiled–or even decided on–until development is on the home stretch. This quiz is about hardware that had various forms of official working titles prior to their final names being picked.



7 thoughts on “Test Your Knowledge of Video Game Hardware Codenames

  1. 33%! Turns out that my deep knowledge of console development and news has a cutoff point of about 1997. That’s a bit of an indicator of when I started to care a bit less going into the new millennium, but I was still surprised by how much information I actually retained from reading the magazines 20+ years ago.

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  2. Nice one! I scored 50%. Out of the first 6 question, I didn’t even attempt to answer 5 of them, though. Perhaps I should have… Knew the answers to all of the other questions, with the expection of the Dreamcast – never heard of that name before. Between Nitro and Spark I could only guess, Atlantis was totally new to me (although then again it makes sense, matching Dolphin). And the term in the last question just sounded very much like “that” company. 🙂

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